About Us

Welcome to our Blog! We are Two Curvy Diva Sisters who are excited about sharing our Curvy Encounters with you!

A little About Us!
We are the founders of Curves Rock Fashion Weekend! The first plus size fashion weekend in the DMV. We are very excited about what we have started and even more elated about the empowerment that it gives to other Curvy Divas like ourselves, to start their own businesses…model…love/know themselves…etc.

The Sisters!
We are both lovers of fashion and more importantly lovers of our community. Those are the commonalities that we share but in personality we are exact opposites! LOL! Yes! Thats what makes the team work!

Chanell BW
I am a God-fearing, fun, straight-to-the-point, educated, creative, mother of a Prince. I have a B.S. degree in Psychology and a M.S. in Human Services Administration. I am a logical thinker with erratic behavior..lol. I plan for tomorrow but live in the moment…make sense? I use my creativity to be a catalyst for change in my community. I use my unconventional thinking to be innovative in my career and in my business endeavors. From birth I always knew that I would do something to help and inspire others. I feel that it is my sole purpose on earth to use my passions to make a difference in the lives of others and you know what??! It just so happens that I have fun doing it! Its Amazing when your passions align with your purpose.

I love FASHION! Curvy! Straight! Contemporary! Vintage!. I love the opportunity it creates for everyone to express their individiuality! Thats DOPE! I am a designer and stylist…but most importantly…I am whoever I say I am…I can do all things and sometimes I do them…just because and it feels great!! So enjoy the blog as we take you on our personal journey of everything! *smile*

Tykesha “Miss DivaDoll”
Just ME
I am a energetic, kind-hearted Christian mother of two handsome guys and one precious little princess. I value education and have the degrees to prove it with a B.S. in Management Science – Management Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Systems Development and Training. In addition, I aspire to obtain a Doctorate degree. I’m pretty analytical and mostly see things in black and white. I try to plan my whole life and i’d plan yours too if you’d let me… lol. It’s just the planner in me but i know God is REALLY in control.

Guess what?!?! In addition to being involved with the Fashion Industry, I’m also a techie chic… I LOVE technology! I’m passionate about helping people whether it’s to learn technology or to EMPOWER young girls and women by helping them to be their best. I believe my calling is to bless others and that’s what I plan to do until my work here on earth is done.

We have two totally different personalities but we are a great team and bring two totally different flavors! Enjoy our blog!


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